Previous Non-Union Canadian Workers Joined IAM Union at a Rate of 542 per Month so far in 2018.

Join the IAMAW

“Every person is free to join a trade union of his (or her) own choice and to participate in its lawful activities…” . “… no employer of employees in the unit shall alter the rates of pay or any other term or condition of employment or any right or privilege of such employees…” Canadian Labour Law

SECRECY – The law guards secrecy of your signature on a union membership card just as it guards the sanctity and secrecy of the polling booth at election time. Joining a union is your democratic right and NO ONE but you and the union organizer knows whether you signed a card or not.

NO REPRISALS – Once the majority of you have decided you want the union, the employer is not permitted (by law) to withdraw any of the existing benefits or change working conditions (wages, hours of work, etc.) unless you and your union first agree to it.

These are your rights under the law

You have the right to join the union and ask others to join;

You have the right to attend meetings and to ask others to attend;

You have the right to give out leaflets to other employees on your own time away from company property;

You have the right to do anything else to help get the union going so long as you do not interfere with the work or violate announced company policy.

Join the Machinists’ Union

Contact: for complete privacy.

Universal Drug Plan


Why Pharmacare?

Canada’s unions are proud that we’ve won health insurance coverage for many of our members. But we believe anyone with a health card should have coverage for the medicines they need. That’s why we’re working to win a universal prescription drug plan that covers everyone in Canada, regardless of their income, age or where they work or live.  Continue reading

Safe and Healthy Workplace

April 27, 2018

Too often, workers face dangers at work: from temp workers killed or injured on factory lines, to workers exposed to harmful chemicals, to violence and harassment on the job and domestic violence, which too often goes unrecognized as a workplace hazard. Sadly, too many employers ignore regulations that protect their employees. Tragic worker deaths and injuries are all too common, with many injured workers left unable to return to the workplace and living in poverty. Continue reading